Mandurah Christmas Lights Cruise Winners 2022

For the 2022 Christmas Lights Cruise season we again hosted a photo competition to help choose the best Christmas Lights decorated canal home in Mandurah – The People’s Choice Award! Passengers on-board our Christmas Lights Cruises were asked to take a photo of their favourite Christmas Lights house and upload it to the ‘photo competition’ on our website. The house with the most entries would be declared the winner of The People’s Choice Award and all who submitted a photo entry went into the draw to WIN a Mandurah Weekend Escape and other great prize packs.

The Christmas Lights Photo Competition entries have been counted and were announced at the Thank You and Awards night, put on for the Port Mandurah canal residents by Mandurah Cruises, on Sunday 5th February. Here are The People’s Choice for the best decorated Christmas lights house 2022.

1st Place - 14 Starfire Close

1st Prize: 14 Starfire Cl

2nd Prize: 38 Aztec Island Rt

Mandurah Canals Christmas Lights Winners (3)

3rd Prize: 21 Starfire Cl

Mandurah Canals Christmas Lights Winners (4)

4th Prize: 5 Condor Mews

Mandurah Canals Christmas Lights Winners (5)

5th Prize: 26 Picaroon Pl 

The People’s Choice Award place getters were presented with trophies, cheques and prize packs at the Thank You and Awards Dinner hosted by Mandurah Cruises. Other award categories include The Judges Awards, Hall of Fame, Reason for the Season Award, Hot Air Award, and more – see results at the bottom of this article

Now for the photo competition winners who were selected at random from the hundreds of photo entries received into our Christmas Lights Photo Competition:

Peoples Choice Award 2022 (1)

1st Prize: Kathy Bailey

Peoples Choice Award 2022 (2)

2nd Prize: Jasmine Barry

Peoples Choice Award 2022 (3)

3rd Prize: Thien Le

Peoples Choice Award 2022 (4)

4th Prize: Jessica Fomiatti

Peoples Choice Award 2022 (5)

5th Prize: Rebecca Iannello

Photo competition winners have been contacted by email. A huge thank you to the Port Mandurah Canal residents for putting on such incredible displays again this season and to everyone who entered our Christmas Lights Photo Competition to determine the winner of this award. Tickets go on sale on 1st March 2023 for next season’s Christmas Lights Cruises! Phone 08 9581 1242 or visit our Christmas Lights Cruises page to reserve your seats!

Port Mandurah Canal Christmas Lights Awards 2022

Judges awards
1st Place
26 Picaroon Place

2nd Place
30 Finistere Island Rt

3rd Place
43 Aztec Island Rt

4th Place
5 Condor Mews

5th Place
14 Starfire Close

Stages Award
Stage 1
3 Sovereign Gardens

Stage 2
6 Santavea Mews

Stage 3
39 Aztec Island Rt

Stage 4
38 Starfire Close

Stage 5
18 Fistina Ramble

Stage 6
27 Ragamuffin Point

Hot Air Award
40 Santavea Mews

Reason For The Season
21 Starfire Close  

Hall Of Fame
Ron & Debbie Ashby

mandurah christmas lights hall of fame