Top Winter Activities in Mandurah

Discover Winter Wonders in Mandurah

As the chill of winter sets in, Mandurah transforms into a picturesque wonderland, offering a unique blend of serene landscapes and vibrant activities. From cosy indoor experiences to exhilarating outdoor adventures, this coastal gem provides the perfect winter escape. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a foodie, or simply looking to unwind, Mandurah has something special for everyone. Join us as we explore the top things to do in Mandurah this winter, ensuring your seasonal getaway is nothing short of magical.

Scenic & Food Delights

Unwind on the Murray River Lunch Cruise with Mandurah Cruises, a delightful half-day boat tour along one of the last undammed major rivers. This serene and scenic journey offers stunning views of the river and surrounding landscapes while you savour a delicious buffet lunch and dessert on board. From cruising across Mandurah’s estuary, through the Creery Wetlands to Port Mandurah canals. You’ll also get the chance to soak up Mandurah’s scenery, birdlife and famous Bottlenose dolphins as they surf along the boat while indulging in a delicious buffet lunch and dessert. 

Lake Clifton thrombolites by Visit Mandurah

A Dose of Outdoors

Ready to head outdoors? Add hiking to your itinerary and hit the trails to discover Mandurah’s diverse and scenic landscapes. Explore the tranquil Creery Wetlands, where the crisp air and serene waters provide a perfect backdrop for a peaceful trek and observing wildlife. Discover the ancient Thrombolites at Lake Clifton, marveling at these fascinating rock-like formations that stand testament to the Earth’s early life. Along the coast, enjoy coastal paths such as the Halls Head Coastal Path for sweeping views across the Indian ocean. These trails provide a perfect blend of adventure and tranquility for your next outdoor adventure in Mandurah.

Dolphin Cruising with Mandurah Cruises

Family Fun Day Out

Visiting Mandurah with the kids this winter? Plan an unforgettable family day out in Mandurah this winter by combining two exciting adventures. Start your day with our famous Dolphin Cruise, where you can witness these graceful creatures on a scenic voyage through Mandurah’s waterways, wetlands and cruise through stunning canals. Afterwards, head over to Mandurah’s Winter Maze, a colourful winter-inspired maze designed to delight visitors of all ages with twists, turns, and surprises. This perfect combination promises a day filled with laughter and discovery amidst Mandurah’s winter scenery. 

Giants of Mandurah – Yaburgurt Winjan Cirkelstone by Visit Mandurah

Giant Hunt 

With the cooler weather it’s the perfect time to discover the Giants of Mandurah, a captivating collection of larger-than-life wooden sculptures crafted by Thomas Dambo. Hidden in secret locations amidst Mandurah’s waterways, coastline and bushland, these enchanting giants celebrate the region’s natural beauty. This free outdoor exhibition invites visitor to embark on a giant hunt, uncovering these majestic artworks while enjoying the serene winter landscapes of Mandurah. 

By the way, did you know that you can catch an exclusive view of Mandurah’s Giant ‘Seba’s Song’ from our Giant & Dolphin Sightseeing Cruise? Due to his waterside location you can only enjoy a fully fronted view from our scenic cruise as well as enjoy wild dolphin and birdlife spotting along the way. 

Wild Seafood Experience – 8-course seafood lunch by Mandurah Cruises

For Foodies

After your adventure hunting for giants or exploring the great outdoors, relax at one of Mandurah’s cosy cafes, fine restaurants, or embark on a food cruise to satisfy your palate. Whether you prefer savouring an award-winning breakfast at Wood and Stone Cafe by the foreshore or sampling your favourite beverages at Thorny Devil Brewery, Mandurah offers a variety of dining choices for a delightful culinary journey. For those seeking a mix of excitement and gastronomy, consider embarking on the Wild Seafood Experience. Indulge in an 8-course deluxe seafood lunch featuring freshly caught crayfish while cruising the scenic waterways of Mandurah.

Mandurah Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Activities 

If the rain sets in, embrace the cosy side of Mandurah during winter by exploring its array of indoor activities. Test your skills and agility with exhilarating rock climbing sessions at Mandurah’s Indoor Rock Climbing Centre, perfect for adventurers of all ages seeking a thrilling challenge away from the cold. For those that enjoy puzzles and mysteries, Escape Squad offers immersive escape room experiences, perfect for groups looking to test their teamwork and wits. Whether you’re scaling heights or solving clues, Mandurah’s indoor attractions ensure a thrilling and memorable day, rain or shine. 

Boundary Island Brewery by Visit Mandurah

Beer, Wine and Scenery Pairings to Try 

Explore Mandurah’s vibrant craft beer and wine scene this winter for a delightful journey that will satisfy your tastebuds. Begin your excursion at Boundary Island Brewery, a charming waterfront craft brewery offering stunning views of the Peel-Harvey Estuary and Len Howard Conservation Park. Continue your exploration at wineries such as White Lakes Brewing, celebrated for its award-winning brews and breathtaking vistas of Lake Walyungup. For a relaxing yet culinary-rich experience, consider our Seafood Lunch Cruise. This interactive adventure allows you to catch and enjoy an 8-course lunch menu, paired with fine West Australian wines, while cruising Mandurah’s picturesque canals and waterways. Whether you prefer beer or wine, Mandurah’s craft beer and wine trail promises a winter adventure filled with delicious flavors and scenic delights.

3D Aug

Artistic Adventures 

If you’re an art lover, Mandurah has plenty of must-visit spots to soak up local up this winter. Start your journey at the Mandurah Visitor Centre and check out the ‘Welcome to Country’ mural fitted with a 3D Augmented Reality Experience. You’ll get the chance to immerse yourself in the Aboriginal story of the creation of Mandurah’s waterways.

Next discover Mandurah’s Art Trails to soak up local artworks which draw inspiration from the local native wildlife, estuary, and rich heritage of the region. Highlights from the trail include the silver metal heart sculpture and quirky 3D interactive artworks. The 3D illusion artwork of the pelican at the marina’s boatshed provides the perfect picture moment to pretend you’re feeding a pelican.